Rockabilly Highway Mural II continues Arts in McNairy’s tradition of investing in publically accessible art which reflects the musical heritage of McNairy County as well as the entire West Tennessee and North Mississippi region. In 2008, Brian Tull, a Nashville artist with McNairy County roots, was commissioned to complete the wildly successful Rockabilly Highway Mural I. The mural was completed and dedicated at the inaugural Rockabilly Highway Revival in 2009. The first Rockabilly Highway Mural has appeared on the cover of state and regional tourism publications, Sherwin Williams advertisements, numerous travel and recreation websites including some of European origin. Feature stories about Tull and the, now iconic, 20x120 mural have appeared in Tennessee Magazine, the Jackson Sun, the Daily Corinthian and a number of other periodicals. The site is frequented by tourists and locals alike and has become a popular spot for musicians to shoot publicity photographs.
Rockabilly Higway artist Brian Tull & Stylist Riley Reed

Completed in June 2012, Rockabilly Highway Mural II expands on this incredible public art success story. It was dedicated at the 2012 Rockabilly Highway Revival. Tull was, again, selected from a pool of applicants and commissioned to front the project. His original reference photos for the new installation depict vocalist Eileen Rose and legendary guitarist and pedal steel player Rich Gilbert posed, with instruments, against the backdrop of a period automobile and filling station. The image conveys a strong sense of the period while building on the musical heritage and Rockabilly Highway themes. The project is sponsored by Arts in McNairy and generously funded by the Tennessee Arts Commission. Other partners include Sherwin Williams, The City of Selmer, McNairy Regional Alliance and Selmer Business Alliance.