The Habit Fix 2 Quickstep is the second book in the best selling Habit Fix series. It’s a no-nonsense guide to using the power of habit to promote a healthy lifestyle, improved self-esteem, confidence and happiness with 8 go-to habits for your new healthy lifestyle. If you’re ready to leave behind old habits that have been weighing you down but don’t know where to begin, The Habit Fix 2 has a big, bright arrow that points to “START HERE”. If you’re serious about swapping a lifetime of unhealthy habits for good, healthy habits but can’t see a clear path through, The Habit Fix 2 will guide you.

Ideas That Work, Put to Immediate Practice

This is a practical guide with specific, credible information for habit building that can be put to use right now. It’s not filled with theories, poetry and feel-good platitudes. It has real, proven tactics for building healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle now with direct links to trustworthy, self-improvement techniques. These are tactics that are actually effective and not just marketed effectively. Start with 8 new habits and build on them. Or pick up where you left off with The Habit Fix original book. Your new healthy lifestyle is possible.