Natasha is alive!

It's been a long and involved project but it's finally completed and ready for you!  Well the book part is.  I've written a children's book called Natasha The Party Crasher.  It's beautifully and elaborately illustrated by a wonderful artist from Dublin, Michael Murray.  I'm working on an audio book and accompanying musical CD of 10 new songs.  I hope to make that available in a couple of months. Natasha the book is available right HERE, on Amazon.

"Like the late-great children’s book author Shel Silverstein, Eileen Rose Giadone is also a gifted songwriter.  An internationally-acclaimed musician and lyricist, her exquisite talent is evident in every line of Natasha the Party Crasher. She also knows how to keep young readers engaged and turning the pages, and her delightful rhymes and vividly boisterous imagery pay a wonderful homage to Dr. Seuss." - Tom Kerr