At Our Tables
LABEL: Holy Wreckords


1.  $20 Shoes
2.  Old Time Reckoning
3.  Doesn’t Mean A Thing
4.  Failure To Thrive
5.  I’m The Only One
6.  Bird Of Youth
7.  Jeannie Steps Out
8.  Seven Winds
9.  Blue Mood Words
10. Will-O’-The-Wisp
The Day Before

All songs written by Eileen Rose

Produced by Eric Hoegemeyer and Eileen Rose
Co-produced by Al Sutton

At Our Tables' is Eileen’s fourth studio album, released in Europe through Evangeline Records, a subsidiary of Floating World. It was recorded at Rustbelt Studios in Detroit, MI, during the summer of 2007.  This album features Eileen’s touring band The Holy Wreck – David Bull, Seth Goodman and Nicolas Giadone Ward - plus guest musicians from Detroit. Vinnie Dumbrowski of Sponge and The Orbitsons played drums, and Nick Lucassian of Detroit rock and soul band Shipwreck Union sings a vocal duet with Eileen on "Will-O’-The-Wisp".

Producer Eric Hoegemeyer has worked with Charm Farm, Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker. “Eric is not only a stunning engineer and inspired producer”, Eileen says, “he is also a fine multi-instrumentalist and programmer who uses machines in an organic, creative way.  He added lots of layers, colours, rhythmic complexities and programmed sounds which brought the basic songs to a new, deeper level.”  Co-production is by Al Sutton.

The album title comes from the book "For One More Day", by Detroit author Mitch Albom, which is the story of a man who gets the chance to spend one more day with his mother 8 years after she died. The book has an opening quote which reads “The Dead sit at our tables long after they have gone.” It resonated with Eileen, coming from a close-knit family where everyone is getting older and facing progressively more losses. “Our circle of folks sitting around the kitchen table drinking and making fun of each other is getting smaller. But still, it feels like everyone is still there.''

The opening track of the album, "20 Shoes", received over half a million views on YouTube when someone paired it with a Betty Boop cartoon.

What the critics said...

“'At Our Tables' is Rose’s stongest album. **** Excellent” – BLOOMBERG

“… both sad and celebratory, pissed off and grateful, soft and gritty. It’s an album that deserves to make this rhinestone cowgirl a huge star” – THE IRISH TIMES

“She has the songs and most importantly the voice, to make you sit up and listen”

“here is a woman who is currently holding first position in the female singer / songwriter genre. This is an absolutely stunning album and one which stands head and shoulders above the competition” – PENNY BLACK MUSIC

“An outstanding album that should be feted with balloons and bunting”

“a voice that sounds like a creamy cup of hot chocolate” – DAILYMUSICGUIDE.COM

“Twenty-two carat gold modernistic nu-country/indie rock… Eileen Rose is the complete package” – TOXICPETE.CO.UK

NOTE:  'At Our Tables' was re-released as ‘At Our Tables Plus’ in September 2008, including a bonus live in the studio CD:

At Our Tables Plus
LABEL: Evangeline
RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2008


1. Blue Mood Words
2. Jeannie Steps Out
3. Doesn’t Mean A Thing
4. Failure To Thrive
5. I’m The Only One
6. Bird of Youth
$20 Shoes

All songs written by Eileen Rose

Eileen Rose – vocals, guitar, piano
Rich Gilbert – guitar, pedal steel, banjo, vocals
Nicolas Giadone Ward – bass, piano, vocals
James Murray – drums

This CD features Eileen’s touring band from her Spring 2008 European tour, including The Legendary Rich Gilbert. It was recorded live in the studio (the band playing together, in one take) at Longview Farm Studios, North Brookfield, MA, in June 2008. The album was mixed by Aaron Dembe.

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